Gee, what shall I talk about today? Shall I complain about the cats, who seem to have rights that I will never have?

They never go anywhere except the backyard, maybe that’s why they are allowed to go on the countertops. I’d get bored too if I never got more than 300 feet away from home.

Of course there are the more embarrassing moments they have to endure

like trying on baby sweaters before they get sent on to prospective mothers

I promise I am trying to make friends and keep everybody happy

Trudy helps by keeping them entertained

The best part of my week was meeting people on the trail. I can’t figure out how Richard and Caryn planned on bumping into our friends Dana and Rand in the middle of the woods. But I’m glad they worked that magic.

Then there was Evie, which I don’t think anyone could’ve planned

She is the gentlest of beings, and sat with me for a long time, saying nothing, just stroking me gently. I was mesmerized. She saw me. She spoke to me without using words. It was amazing. I think she is what they call a dog whisperer.

She had a compass with her, maybe that’s how she found me. After all, I am a lot of people’s “true north”.

Then there was all the hoopla in the studio last week – ArtXchange Gallery‘s Cora, Lauren, and Lauren (yes that’s right, 2 Laurens!) came up to see me! Oh, and they came to see Caryn’s studio and work too (the work I helped her make, as her studio assistant…I wonder if she’ll sign my name on those paintings too?)

They are going to take all those paintings down to Seattle so people can see them.
We are going to go to the opening and spend the night in a la-di-da hotel that lets dogs stay there too. Woohoo! Too bad the cats will have to stay home (heehee). I hope Trudy makes sure they behave themselves.

I know what they’ll spend 90% of the time doing….

It’s the other 10% of the time I’m worried about

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a good week, be careful and stay well!