Tashi: Nothing exciting happens any more

Caryn: That’s a good thing right now

Tashi: How long is this good thing going to last?

Caryn: 53 days and a few hours

Tashi: Not fair – I can’t count that high

Caryn: Ok, a little less than two months

Tashi: Maybe it’s better if I don’t know

Whatever happened while I was sleeping in Seattle, it wasn’t quite as bad as what happened to the gorilla

Nevertheless, I came home with a sore, naked leg, and lots of stitches on the inside. I’m not going to show you the stitches side because I don’t want anyone to faint. Here’s the modest view, with little Nurse Dahlia sticking close by.

Here’s what gets me though – I thought I would come home to an orderly house. Instead, the place was a wreck. The new arrangements are a little ridiculous. Check out the living room (you’d think they would want me to have a comfortable couch to jump on for my recuperation but nooo…)

And the gate – I tried to explain there was no way I could get through that tiny door – that was right before Dahlia waltzed on through.

There are some improvements, I have to admit. There’s a dog bed in every room, and the food quality has gone way up


Dahlia is being very sweet

There is a human by my side every moment of the day. Unfortunately we are connected by a leash every moment of the day too. That means no running up to people to say hello, no jumping, no chasing, no spontaneity.

Wise old saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade….

Could I have another stick to chew on please?

More next week (or as Caryn noted, at 46 days and counting). Til then, Happy Earth Day, enjoy spring, be kind and safe, Tashi