Caryn: What are we going to write about this week?

Tashi: Since you haven’t taken me anywhere, there’s not much to write about.

Caryn: Come on, we crossed the street today and entered the park!

Tashi: But we turned right around and came home, and where did you hide my frisbee? If you insist on these short walks, can we at least take a trip down memory lane?

Caryn: OK, but we better start at the beginning, before you came into our lives. Richard and I had a discussion. It went something like this:

So we got you. And do you remember what you looked like when you were a “puppy”? You weren’t very well behaved, but you were happy to see me

You really needed a haircut

And we had to work on those manners. It was hard work, but you aced it

After that we learned how to be an animal therapy team. You made the evaluators laugh (it’s always good if you can get interviewers to laugh), because you were in love with the lead evaluator. You told me later that you could smell his big poodle all over him, and wanted to meet his other half. Again, you passed with flying colors. I hope we’ll be able to go back to work together soon!

We have lots of memories! Let’s save some for another post. We can end here by remembering our trip to Oregon with a bunch of friends to see the solar eclipse. You loved that because everyone played with you and gave you treats under the table, and you got to wear funny glasses. I think it was the best solar eclipse I’ve ever gone to, because you were there too ♥♥