I was glad that Caryn got my mask completed for the new year, so I could properly wish you a


She’s a knitter so she wanted to add some ungulate-y leggings (there’s a word for the year). Very warm and cozy, but they won’t hold up in the forest.

Dahlia was a little miffed by all the attention and that she didn’t get her own blog after all, so I loaned her my costume so she could celebrate the new year with you too

It’s important to keep your cat happy. Remember that.

I want to send a special new year’s greeting to Toko. She’s one of my playmates. I’m a Golden Doodle, and she is – get this – a Treeing Walker Coonhound. She’s goofy, lively, and also gentle and caring. That’s just about everything you could ever want in a Treeing Walker Coonhound, don’t you think?

Here’s what she looks like on a normal day of the week:

A happy goofball, right? But she’s not so happy right now. She got hit by a falling chunk of a tree in the park. It’s been so windy lately that the forest can be a little scary. She broke three ribs and is supposed to be quiet and not play for two whole months while they mend. Poor Toko.

Toko, I hope you to get well quickly, and I hope you don’t hurt very much. And when you are better we can play again, I promise. We love you Toko. Here is a photo from a great playdate we had. Remember that time when you almost nibbled my ear off? If you think about those good times it will help you get better faster, I am sure.

Poor Toko isn’t alone. People can get hit by tumbling branches too, so you have to be careful in the woods when it is windy. I’m glad my friend will get better. She just has to stay calm and quiet for a couple of months so that her ribs heal. I’m sure her family is giving her lots of love to help her through.

It’s important to keep your Treeing Walker Coonhound happy. Remember that.

While Toko is resting, I’ll tell you about my week. We went to the forest when the wind stopped blowing. There was a BIG tree in our path

The top of the tree landed between other trees, so it’s still up in the air, but in a different direction now

It rained so much that the roots of some trees let go of the earth, and trees toppled over. Our trail has so much water on it now, we have to jump over (or in) big puddles

Richard has a degree in environmental design, so he got right to work re-arranging nature on this puddle, making a little path for it to flow like a stream, away from our trail

On another topic, do you remember when we left Henry’s ball for him? When we got to the trailhead the next day, the ball was gone, and the note too! I’m glad he got his ball back.

While I was checking out the stump, I sniffed the air, and Henry came to my mind really strongly….

And there was Henry!!! (Looks just like my drawing, right?) We ran! We chased! We growled about a little. Coco looked at us funny, while maintaining a safe distance.

And then I sniffed the air again, and…

…there was Rainbow Ball!! I was so excited, but Richard gave the ball back to Henry’s person too soon. I had a hard time controlling myself and kept trying to get the ball back, so Richard made us go on the opposite trail from Henry and his family. Oh bother! What a party pooper!

This morning, when we were on the trail I got a whiff…something so well camouflaged I couldn’t see it, but I could smell it….


Gosh. A rainbow in a bag. What a pal that Henry is. Who could ask for a better New Year’s present than a friend like Henry? I will always cherish my present.

After we got home:

A couple of hours later:

And after dinner:

That’s all for this week. Here’s hoping for a better, kinder, safer new year. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy! ♥ Tashi