The day started out fine, in fact interesting.

Caryn dressed herself (instead of me) up strangely

10,000 new neighbors moved in

all babies and one big girl called a queen, who was in a tiny gift box with a tiny marshmallow for a door

They seem pretty friendly

But then things got a little strange. All my favorite sitting places got bollixed

and strange new obstructions appeared

One interesting addition was the conversion from steps to hilly walkway

But on the whole it wasn’t looking good, so I figured it was time to hide

That didn’t work. I was ferreted out and off we went to Seattle, to a nice house that smelled like dogs. Only the dogs weren’t there. And no people to meet. We went for a lovely walk and saw trees decorated for spring by nature

and humans

I even went nose to nose with a docile lion

back at the house I felt something was amiss.

Never doubt a dog’s intuition. Next morning we got back in the car and went to the place that smells like x-rays and medicine. Fortunately the people were nicer than the smells. I was put at ease by a calm and good-hearted chap named Alex

Ok, I admit I fell for him pretty fast. Call me a pushover, but he is pretty sweet. Turns out he knows a lot about dogs, inside and out.

He talked to me about dog anatomy…. I remember the most important parts:

Starting at The Tail: very important for showing approval (and disapproval). The Stomach: which must be kept full of yummy things (anything except grapefruit and pills that aren’t wrapped in peanut butter). The Heart: which is full of love for the world and especially my peeps and my cat. The Nose: the most important organ because it tells me just about everything about the world. The Elbow: which is not my knee, and shows that I have both arms and legs like people, and a simple twist of fate gave humans thumbs but it could’ve landed the other way around and then I would’ve been the human. So could you pass the peanut butter, please? The Knee: What Dr Alex is going to work on today. He knows why I’ve been hurting, and he can fix it, yay! He told me I’d have to rest for a while and really need to listen to Caryn. He seemed pretty serious. But he said that if I toe the line, I’ll get better more quickly and be able to run and play and hike and visit Hospice again.

And then I was asleep, so I don’t remember anything else. I’ll catch you up next week. Be safe, and happy in the sun, love, Tashi





Tail teeth wet nose paw

dog parts are many cuddlee

bits of energy