Honestly, this has been a really good week for me, from start to finish. Remember all those paintings I helped Caryn make, first by making her take all those walks around the lake, and then by being her studio assistant and creating a peaceful environment so she could paint? I even snuck in a color or two when she wasn’t looking. Well..

We took the whole kit and kaboodle down to Seattle and put them up at ArtXchange Gallery and had a big party! People came and they seemed happy and I think I may even be famous because everyone wanted to say hello to me – they petted me and knew my name (even when I didn’t know theirs).

I made the best of it and soaked up the love; it’s been a long time since I was able to work a crowd like that! Of course being famous can make you tired pretty quick.

We stayed at a dog hotel so I didn’t have to drive home the same day, which makes me a little tired. They thought of everything, from the treat box at the door…

To the fancy lobby and nice people…

to giving me my own bed (though I preferred Caryn and Richard’s)

They even gave Richard and Caryn a bottle of champagne, which I think contributed to the continuous treats that came my way.

I had to leave my fans in Seattle and come home eventually. That’s good too – reuniting with family is heartwarming.

The week continued as it had started – We went to the lake where, to my surprise, we bumped into my good old friend Al. He had lots to say but wouldn’t share his lunch. Caryn needs to train him better.

The next day I had a brisk romp with Minnie Me – a.k.a. Addie. She’s a young sprite and I slept for a whole day after running with her.

But today we were on the trail again and I came across a gaggle of mud puppies who loved me too. They must have heard I was famous because they all gathered around. They were very pretty in their colorful outfits. I was told they belonged to a group called Mossy Mentors. Just like me, they like to play in the woods and learn about nature.

Like I said before, being famous can make you tired

So I requested that Caryn take me home in time for my afternoon nap – but not before posting on the blog!!!

Take care and be well! ♥♥♥♥