Never one to turn down an opportunity to celebrate, I offer you an opportunity: it’s my birthday!

What? You want to know how old I am?

That’s right…

We had a good day, but it wasn’t as exciting as a couple of weeks ago, when all was snowy and bright and exhilarating:

Does this happen to you too, when you go out in the snow?

Maybe that was an early birthday present? It was fun to watch Studs Conway encounter his first snow

Back to birthday celebrations…there was CAKE!

A whole one, just for me

My favorite: banana layer cake with peanut butter frosting. It didn’t last long.

Everyone offered me best wishes, though they were a bit short on presents. I got lots of attention, which is just as nice.

I didn’t see Trudy today, so I might have to extend my birthday another day, so I get to see her

Maybe next time I’ll have more exciting news for you, or something else to celebrate. I’ll let you how it feels to be eight + a week or two