I know, I know…. you probably think I’ve been lollygiggling around, just because you haven’t heard from me in a while.

Well, it’s been HOT, you know. Everyone at home is kind of melting.

Even Studs is in a daze

Except when he is trying to escape from the house at night, when it is nice and cool outside. The other night he even tried to escape through the DIY window screen. Caught on camera, hee hee

….the best part was that the window was closed, ho ho!

I, on the other hand, have been busy doing important things, like gathering material to report on….among other activities

There’s been the lake to attend to. Which reminds me, you can’t imagine, we were walking to my favorite swimming hole when Richard stopped to say hello to a little do– a what??

A cat? In a halter??? My goodness, she didn’t look too happy to see me. I believe that was me she was hissing at! Clearly she doesn’t know me, and my love of cats. Her person seemed very nice though, and accepted my dogness willingly. She didn’t mind that I was a dog at all. She even posed for a picture for my blog.

This is Kaitlin, the cat’s person. And Nico, the cat. They make a very nice pair, don’t you think? If Kaitlin wants Nico to like dogs a little better, she could subscribe to my blog, and read it to her. Then Nico would know I love cats.

That is, except when they start to multiply exponentially. Like a couple of weeks ago when I came home to this:Caryn always tells me they are just here on a little homestay, so she can fatten them up and find them good homes. But that’s not what happens all the time. Where do you think Dahlia came from? And Studs?? and Meimei?????

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cat

But it’s a little unnerving when they multiply , double, in fact, in a day’s time. Dahlia promised me she will keep them in line

but most of the time she’s just trying to steal their food

Still, I guess it could be worse. Caryn could spend her time rescuing hedgehogs. Dear Dog, can you imagine?

Stay cool, while I ponder hedgehogs….xox, Tashi ♥♥♥