Hello Tashi,

I just read your dog blog for the first time last night, and bone oh bone did it have me laughing.  My tail was wagging so hard, it nearly flew off my body. I am attaching pictures of myself, so you can see who I am.  I am 8.5 years old and quite handsome if I do say so myself, even when I drool while begging for chicken. Do you like chicken, too?  Oh, speaking of treats… have you ever had cow’s ear?  It is incredibly delicious.  My humans are really missing out, because they think it is gross.  Oh, and have you ever tried beef bones, or even crazier… something called kale?  These are all some of my favorite treats.  I have yet to try beef bourguignon, but my grandfather swears by it.  Seems fancy pants to me.

So Tashi… you seem like an athletic dog.  Do you like water?  I have been terrified of water all my time as a dog.  However, a miracle happened this past summer.  My human Rayden, taught me that water is actually one of the best creations on this earth.  We started exploring the forest together, near where our grandparents live, and they have a beauuuutiful brook that runs through the woods that is great for throwing rocks and sticks.  I began to get my little paws wet, and before you know it, I was charging through the water with the biggest smile on my handsome face.  I have never been happier!  Maybe we can go swimming together in a local pond or something sometime.  I can bring the treats.

Sincerely, Harpo


Dear Harpo,

It’s so nice to hear from you. I can see it was a good idea to ask Caryn to make a blog, so that I could get on with my social life during the pandemic. But I am a little worried about your tail! Please take care of it, since it is clearly so expressive. Besides imagining you without a tail, I agree – you are one charming looking dog. Do you always wear clothes? You look dashing in pink. And I can see that Rayden loves you very much. Dogs that have people who love them are very lucky, don’t you think?

I’m glad you brought up food. It’s one of my favorite topics. In fact, I almost wrote a post yesterday, because I was going nuts and had to do something to calm my nerves.

The whole house smelled like peanut butter and the oven was purring away, the way it does when Caryn is baking for Hospice House. She never gives me those treats, and I thought for sure she was going to whisk whatever was in the oven off to Erin, who would take it to the nurses before I even have a chance for another sniff. But lo and behold…

The biscuit jar is full again !!!!!!!!!

Since you are a foodie too, I’ll give you the recipe. Maybe Rayden can help you make some. They are from The King Arthur baking website. You’ll need a cookie cutter….

Here’s the gist:

2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup oats

1/2 c dry milk (might be optional if you don’t have any)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon dried parsley

2 eggs

1 c peanut butter (without salt or sugar)

1/2 c water + a little

Set your oven to 300′. Mix together the dry ingredients. Add the eggs, peanut butter and water. Mix it all together, adding enough water for it to hold together and roll out like pie dough. Roll it out to about 1/4″ thick, and cut out shapes with cookie cutter. Place on oiled cookie sheet (or cookie sheet with parchment paper). Bake for about 40 minutes and voila! This recipe has all human ingredients so you can share them with Rayden if she likes them.

I heard there are humans who never give their dogs human food. I can’t imagine what they are thinking, since we are expert foodies. Fortunately, Caryn is not that kind of human. She believes in a well rounded diet and she believes in sharing. I love beef bones too, and sometimes Caryn makes broth from them to mix with my dog food. I’ve never tried kale. Or I think Caryn has never offered me any. I’d better ask her, she eats it alot.

Here is my favorite food list:

  • peanut butter, almond butter, tahini butter, butter, butter, butter…..
  • chicken  
  • cow’s ears – soon to be, I’ll ask Caryn about that
  • lamb lungs I would be happy to share with Caryn but she is a little reluctant
  • blueberries, (pitted) cherries (especially frozen), raspberries & strawberries (I forage from the garden)
  • cucumber (love that crunchy, watery mouth feel)
  • bananas (especially layered with peanut butter, which is my birthday cake favorite)
  • salmon (no king salmon – I let the orcas whales have that, it’s their favorite food)
  • cashews (best on-the-go snack)
  • cheese♥ 
  • this could be a very long list, so maybe I should reverse it and tell you what I don’t like to eat…

Not so favorite foods:

  • raw carrots

Now, about water. How brilliant that Rayden knows that dogs are always willing and able to change and grow. I’m glad you’ve added water to your repertoire of activities. I love water, especially on a hot day. Caryn taught me how to swim, and my favorite summer days include water. And balls. So long as the balls don’t have holes in them and sink, because I haven’t figured out how to swim underwater yet. We’ve lost a few balls and frisbees that way.

There is something mysterious about water though. It all looks pretty much the same: blue, or grey, depending on the color of the sky. And it all feels pretty much the same: cold and refreshing!! But it tastes and smells different. Sometimes I can drink it, and sometimes I can’t because someone poured a bunch of salt into it. That water smells different, like seaweed and fish and salt, and it’s big as an…ocean! There’s a photo below of me in the big, salty water. The other water just smells like….the woods, and rocks, and sand and…well, water.

I am always tired after swimming, especially in salty water. But the dreams are good – all salty and smelly like seaweed and old tennis balls…

I will happily accept your invitation for a swim. We may have to wait a while since we can’t take trips right now, but you can write me anytime and we can make plans for the future. And don’t forget the treats (I’ll bring some too and we’ll have a picnic)!! , Tashi