Oh boy. Strangest week yet. Way too many doctors. We went all the way to Seattle so that I could dream about donuts.

I guess I need to explain myself. We were getting pretty good with the walking. Caryn was finally reading my mind – walking around the block was just not enough, I need more. So we went to the park. Ah! The smell of nature. Up the hills and through the dales we went. We went the next day too. It was starting to look like the good times were back.

Then I saw a friendly dog and asked him if he wanted to play – I moved the way we dogs do, in a way that says, “let’s chase!” and then OUCH! My knee hurt again (I keep telling Caryn it’s my knee, but she and the doctors keep taking pictures of my back). Caryn apologized to the dog and his people and said we had to go home. By the time we got home I couldn’t walk on my leg at all. Bummer!

Next thing you know we were driving to Seattle and Caryn said nice doctors would put me in a room with a very big donut and I could dream about sweet things..

That didn’t sound so bad. Maybe I could eat my way through this situation. We got to the doctor’s place and they made me really sleepy and I did dream there was a donut, a gigantic one with white icing

but….I couldn’t eat it…it was so strange; instead of the donut being inside me, I was inside the donut. That was whacky. Kind of like the time I was on a cupcake, instead of eating one. Life can be very confusing sometimes.

And then we were on our way home and I was still hungry. And verry sleepy from the medicine they gave me. And my knee still hurt. Not the best day of my life.

I had a day to sleep and then today we went to another vet. Nooo, I just want to feel better and run and play! But instead we went to the vet. Nice guy, but I’d rather go home please. I looked around the room for a way out, and discovered the doorknob is the kind I know how to open…

I waited for Dr Aaron to turn around and then I hot-tailed it outta there! But he was a smart cookie and caught me sneaking out. Rats! Instead of letting me go find Caryn, in we went for more x-rays.  I must say though, this fellow was smarter than the rest of them. He finally took pictures of my knee instead of my back, like everybody else was doing.

Now I’m back home, sleepy and hungry again. With some strange wraps on my wrists

and my frisbee at the ready. Would somebody please tell these humans to stop taking pictures of my back and knees and get me fixed so I can get back out on the trail? And back to work at Hospice House? I can smell that Caryn’s been there, and she told me there’s a puppy there named Beau. Or is it Bow? Anyway, I need to meet him and show him around the block!

Have a good week, and be safe and stay healthy, because being sick is a drag!

love, Tashi