I get asked a lot of questions. At least, that’s what happened before the virus. Now we don’t see enough people for anyone to ask questions. I guess that gives me time to jot down some answers to all the questions I used to get asked. The silver lining of a pandemic; lots of time and nowhere to go. It might be good to get some of these preliminary questions out of the way, so that if we ever meet in person (in dog?) we can get right into the deep stuff.

Question 1.What kind of dog are you?

I am a golden doodle. They could’ve come up with a more imaginative name for such a creature as me, like the Bodhisattva of Dogs, or Lover-of-All-Beings, but I guess I’m stuck with golden doodle.

If a golden retriever

and a poodle

have a baby together, this is what you get:

No, I’m just kidding. That’s Dahlia. What you get looks like this:

no, too serious there….how about this:

That’s better (selfies are tough). I know. Handsome. Joyful. Smart. Life of the party kind of dog. I’ve never met a golden doodle I didn’t like.

Question 2. What’s your secret to keeping such beautiful curls?

Caryn has to work hard to keep me looking good. I can’t say I make it easy. Last week, I went to the park and came home with seeds. Everywhere. All over my body, all throughout my hair. She didn’t get a photo of me, because she was so busy pulling seeds out of my fur, and then giving me a bath, and pulling out more seeds. She pulled these just out of my paws:

And then there was that low tide beach walk we took last week:

My hair grows, just like yours. When Caryn brought me home for the first time, I looked like this:

I know. Adorable. But a little hard to keep that hairdo in shape. And frankly, a little hard to see too. So we made a deal. She keeps my hair cut short, and I can get as dirty as I want. She didn’t say that, but that’s how it works.

There seems to be a treat dispenser in the shower, and I do like the hair dryer, so it all works out in the end.

Question 3. Do you have any secrets?

I have to figure out how to answer that without spilling the beans.

Question 4. Have you always been a leaner?

This is something I figured out when I started working: people like it when you lean into them a little bit. I support them, they support me, and everybody gets a little happier in the process. I might have learned it from Dahlia, who goes one better than leaning; she gets right into peoples laps!

Question 5. Do you prefer going to the park and walking on trails or wide open spaces where you can really stretch your long legs

I prefer going to the park AND walking on trails AND wide open spaces. AND swimming, and let’s not forget about running after flying objects. Anything, so long as it’s with my peeps or a friendly dog or with a ball or frisbee. I’m ready for action.

Question 6. Do you prefer sleeping on the bed with your humans or on your cozy $$ chair? 😊

Confession: That’s not really my chair. I claimed it for my own because Caryn claimed the bed. I’ll take the bed if she’ll sleep in the chair.

Speaking of which, answering all of these questions is really making me sleepy. But before I go, I’d like to thank my buddy Erin for helping me remember all these questions.

p.s. Would someone please tell Caryn the cookie jar is looking pretty empty?