Hello dear friends,

It’s New Years Eve. I just have a few minutes to write to you, before the fireworks start banging in my ears and send me running to Caryn, begging her to let me on the bed so I can hide under the covers.

My New Year’s wish is for everybody to be healthy, happy, and kind to each other. And I wish for everyone to get the vaccine so we can all see our friends again, dogs and people alike. I’ll be able to go back to work and make people happy again. I’m also wishing for lots of balls and frisbees and biscuits. And no more fireworks.

Hmmm. Caryn says I’m supposed to make a resolution, not just wish for things. OK….I resolve to….be kind and adorable and always stand still and close when people pet me (especially Trudy) and chase after balls anytime someone throws one for me.

Like that?

OK. I’ll keep working on it…meanwhile, this week was a little like all the other weeks. I got up, ate breakfast, hiked, assisted Caryn in the studio (meaning I took a long nap), had dinner, played tug-o-war, took another nap, brushed my teeth and went to bed. What a week! Today the hiking part was a little more special, because we bumped into Henry and Coco! Henry is a young poodle, and Coco is an elder poodle. Caryn forgot to take a photo of them for the blog. And I was too distracted to take one, because I was playing with Henry. When I mentioned this to Caryn, she said, “if you don’t have a photo, just draw a picture!” So here’s my portrait of Henry the poodle:

He’s a lovely dog and we played rough for a while, and then I noticed that his person had a TENNIS BALL in her hand

…which was just asking to be in my mouth. So I invited it in.

Henry and his person said we could have it for our walk. Which was a good thing because I wasn’t about to let go of my prize.

Of course that meant that I ignored everything else in the forest, and insisted that Richard and Caryn play ball the entire hike.

And since I was so excited to have a ball on a hike (double happiness!) I forgot to step around all the puddles

I wanted to take it home and chew on all the good memories that ball held, but Caryn insisted that we leave the ball at the trailhead for Henry

I think that was the right thing to do. Sigh.

Now Caryn is working on my New Year’s mask. In just a little while, it’ll be the Year of the Ox. She hasn’t finished it yet, but when she does, you’ll be the first to know.

Happy New Year!

Love, Tashi