Good Morning Caryn,

I woke up around 3 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I checked my email and was delighted to see that in Tashi’s recent post he’s doing so well. In fact I heard that he visited Sue and Chris last Saturday. So Tashi’s cheating on me! I live just around the corner. Tell him he can’t get away with that kind of indiscreet behavior. Seriously, I hope to see you both at Hospice House some Thursday afternoon. Nancy

(the evidence, photo of Tashi with Chris):

Dear Nancy,

I’m going to let Tashi answer this one, lest I get between you two. Best, Caryn

Dear Nancy,

I am contrite that you think I would forsake you. The truth is, I thought you had forgotten me completely, smitten as you seem to be with that new kid on the block. Caryn tried to bring me back on Thursdays, the best day on my dance card, because both you and Erin are at HH, double love!! I heard about that …Sonnet, I think her name is, and figured it was over between us. If you can figure out a way to get me back in on Thursdays, I’ll be back in a flash – despite your indiscretions. Lovesick and forlorn, Tashi

Hi Nancy, Phew! That Tashi got a little hot under the collar. I’m sure he’ll forgive you if you show Sonnet the front door (at least on Thursdays). I think he really misses you. You are welcome to stop by and visit. Or change your day at HH. Or cut all ties with that cute golden. I didn’t think Tashi had a jealous bone in his body, but maybe if the competition’s really cute….you never know. Caryn

Dear Caryn,

Please tell Tashi that Sonnet was just a temporary fling. It’s over, at least for me. She hasn’t been there for a few weeks. Don’t know if her mom is on vacation or not. Nancy

After some discussion we received this email from Erin:

Dear Caryn, You and Tashi Boy are a GREEN LIGHT for Thursdays! Mary Jo and Sonnet are taking a break for now. Erin

Woohoo and Tweedleebits! Back to Hospice House we go, on my favorite day! In fact we went today, and I saw Erin and Nancy and Mel’s new puppy Beau. I behaved myself really well with Beau, and we both got treats. But when I left and he started barking, “come back!” I couldn’t control myself any longer and I barked back. We’ll have to work on our goodbyes, but I think we may become very good friends.

The best thing is that I get to be with patients again, just like we used to do pre-COVID. It feels so good to have my job back. It’s all very well to run in the woods and eat and take naps and such, but having a purpose makes life complete. I think I make a difference in people’s lives.

Other news this week – like I have to tell you – it’s been excruciatingly hot! Just when the doc told me I could climb hills again, it was too hot to think of doing much more than a mosey in the park. It was so hot the ice cream melted right off the stick. Unfortunately it landed in a dish instead of my mouth

Caryn got me a special cooling vest. She wets it with cold water and I wear it, and it does what’s called evaporative cooling.

When combined with a Kong full of frozen yogurt, berries and tahini, the situation improved considerably. And despite that ugly orange color (Caryn almost didn’t buy it because of that – everything must be pretty, after all), I’ll admit the popsicles are pretty cute

Last tidbit of the week: we have a couple of houseguests. Meet Bumble

and this is Bea

Caryn is feeding them milk from a bottle and incredible smelling kibbly bits and fresh chicken. What I wouldn’t give to be her puppy! Oh yeah, I guess I am her puppy….anyway, they are still hissing at me a little but are softening. I’m trying to ignore them in hopes that they’ll calm down. One day I want my own baby kitten, and I think Dahlia does too. But these little ones are just visiting for a few weeks, so if you know anyone who wants to adopt a kit, let us know.

Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy, xox Tashi