I had a tele-health meeting with my physical therapist in Seattle this week. We discussed my exercises and how far (more like how near) I can walk this week.

She’s very nice and has good exercises, but I gotta say, this online thing isn’t as good as in person. I mean, where are the treats? I confess that without treats I lose interest pretty quickly

Now my other physical therapist (how many dogs do you know who can boast two physical therapists?) who I do see in person, has the treat thing down. She’s the one that I go swimming with. Or at least I’m walking under water. I like to pretend I’m swimming.

And the underwater treadmill has been a transformative experience. I’m swimming like a sea creature now

My PTs thought I should start doing the “balancing act” exercise. Caryn thought it wasn’t going to work and was about to quit when, voila!

Treats are the key to success

In three weeks I go to Seattle for follow-up x-rays and to see my surgeon. Remember Dr. Alex? We warmed up to each other pretty quickly. But I’m going to have to have a little chat with him about how life changed after I woke up from surgery…

I’ll find out if my bones are healed enough to start climbing hills and roaming the forest again, free range style. I want to be detached from this pesky leash, like in the old days. In the meantime I will keep chewing on that tennis ball I found

and gnawing on the cute little ears of my new stuffie Otto

Have a good week and stay safe. And do what you can to help others stay safe too. ♥xox, Tashi