I don’t know what a month is but it’s starting to feel like a very long time. Caryn said it’s 4 blog posts. Well, it’s been a very long first blog post, if that’s the case…..

I feel so much better. I tried to tell Caryn and Richard that I was ready to get back in the game. I tried to tell Dr Colleen. But she wouldn’t budge: “No more than a 1/4 mile a day for a month!” she exclaimed. Hmmm. She’s tough. I’m not so sure about the needles she stuck in my back either. Didn’t feel bad, just strange. She called it acupuncture. I call it weird.

She does understand dogs though. She sweetened the deal by hanging out with me, and admiring me deeply, and there were treats involved. As you know, I’m a sucker for treats and love. I melted like a puppy in her hands.

I got another get well card! It was from my friend Tashi, in California. Yah, I know, it’s a little odd to have a friend with the same name. Did you know that Tashi means “hello” in Tibetan? It’s a good name for super friendly dogs like us. Here’s her letter to me:

Dear Tashi,

I was so excited to see how much fun you were having in the snow and then in the slush. Looks like you really know how to have fun, but maybe it was too much ….

Here are a few photos to keep you busy and hopefully cheer you up a little bit:

This photo is of me taking my morning nap…or maybe that was my noontime nap or maybe my early afternoon nap:

As you can see I am good at napping. I hope you are too, since you’ll be doing a lot of it this month.

This is me sending you a big smile and a reminder to do your yoga stretches:

The last photo is a funny computer manipulation showing my concerned face for you to get well soon:

Sending you all my best healing wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery… 💗 Love, Tashi in California

Whoa, wait a minute – I want to do that too….hold on….

Oh yeah, I like that…. hmmm, let’s try another one….

Yowza! This could keep me amused for a little while. Probably not for a month of blog posts though. I’d rather take a walk in the woods, and smell the trees and plants and animals that were there before me.

Richard and Caryn have been sympathetic. They’ve been bringing me sticks from the woods. They let me bring them in the house. After I’ve made a huge mess they praise me and clean it up. This is curious behavior on their part. The world has assuredly gone mad.

Caryn told me that when the 5th century Chinese painter Tsung Ping was too old to hike in the woods, he said, “Now I am old, I fear I shall no more be able to roam among the beautiful mountains. Clarifying my mind, I meditate on the mountain trails and wander about only in my dreams.” And he painted scenes of his favorite hikes he remembered on the walls of his home, so he could wander among them in his mind.

Caryn assured me I’m not so old, and I’ll be back in the woods soon. Meanwhile, I’ll look at the paintings in the studio and wander around in them with my mind. Maybe I could make some paintings too, along with taking a lot of naps, like Tashi in California. I wonder if a month will go faster that way. Caryn says if I keep on complaining it will take forever for a month to go by. But then she smiled at me, gave me a pat on the head, and gave me a biscuit in a bowl of yogurt. Maybe it isn’t so bad being homebound for a month.

Have a good week, and be careful out there Tashi