Hello. My name is Tashi. It’s been so long  since I posted, I thought I might have to introduce myself again! Do you remember me? I’ve been pre-occupied the past month, and my scribe (Caryn), has been too busy to write for me. And then Studs Conway stole my blog.

Do you remember Studs? I guess I’ve got a little catch-up to do….While you were gone (or was it me?) our family grew. Besides the humans, here’s the family portrait now:

There’s Dahlia the elder sitting beside me, and that’s Studs climbing my back. Sprawled at my feet is Mei Mei, our little sister. In fact, Mei Mei means “Little Sister” in Mandarin. Maybe she has another name, but I don’t know it yet.

As you can see, the world is going to the cats. We managed to send the last puddle of kittens to a great forever home


But somehow one got left behind. Once they named her, I knew the score. I’m outnumbered now. Even the humans are outnumbered.

Studs (who is also known as Bisous, which means “Kiss” in French, in case you don’t know) and I have warmed up to each other. We converse

there’s the occasional near snuggle

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? I mean, what’s a dog to do when he’s outnumbered? But you know, if I did what those young ones do after everyone’s gone to bed, I would be in sooo much trouble. Besides things going bump! in the night, there are tell-tale signs of mischief in the morning

As you know, the weather has been wild too. My friend Tim’s photos tell the story best:

His gnome was on water watch


I hope he can swim.

Best news of the month – I came home from a walk with RIchard to find this in my house:

Puppies!!! A baby Molly!!! I look forward to getting to know her. I’ve got to heal my knee so I can show her the ropes, the little cutie! We exchanged a few secrets before she had to go home. I may be in love….

Before I close, I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and all good things in the New Year. We dressed up the family portrait to tell you so

Yes. It’s the Year of the Tiger. Like I said, it’s all going to the cats….when is the year of the dog coming back??!!