Holy Jumblebees! Did you see the double rainbow last week?

And the sky? It was so amazing I forgot to post a blog!

Anyhoo, that’s how it looked outside. Inside, the house looks like a rug den and an obstacle course. I’m down with all the cushy rugs – always a nice wooly aroma to lie down on, and I don’t slip on the wood floors anymore.

The obstacle course is another matter indeed. It makes it difficult to run around like a maniac, announcing the mailman and every dog that walks down the street.

There’s “Posted: No Entry” signs all over the place:

The good news: I graduated to 20 minute slow walkabouts this week, albeit leashed of course. Woohoo! When I’m not on walkabout, sleeping, eating, or being otherwise entertained…

…Caryn keeps me busy with PT exercises. There’s the “Narrow Lane of Treats” exercise

where I munch munch my way to the end – which is blocked!

It’s too narrow to turn around, so I’ve got to back out. Backing up, I have to use the leg that was operated on as much as my other legs. Very tricky!

Then there’s one called: How-Far-Are-You-Going-To-Make-Me Stretch?!  Caryn offers me a frozen cube of winter squash, which she cunningly keeps just out of tongue’s reach, leading me towards my hip to lick that deliciousness. I almost don’t notice the stretch while I’m chasing the treat.

Yesterday we went to the vet and did underwater treadmill PT. I was truly not sure what to think about this at first. You go into a glass cubicle, they close the door, and it starts to fill with warm water. What right-minded dog would not be initially alarmed?! And more alarming, the floor starts moving after the water stops, so I had to walk just to stay….exactly where I was!

Haley the therapist was pretty nice, even though I whimpered through much of it. She told me a couple of jokes that made me laugh (Henry would’ve appreciated that)

and there was lots of petting and treats and cooing while they dried me off

So maybe I’ll consent to go back next week. At least it beats doing nothing all day. Everyone says I’m doing great. They say in another month I will be able to go back to the woods and build up my muscles and stamina again. Soon I’ll be hiking and running wild, and playing with my friends. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much you appreciate things that used to seem so “every day”, when you can’t do them for a while. I really appreciate nature and running and friends and being free.

I hope you are now getting to do some things you love again, that you couldn’t do for the past year.

Happy beautiful spring days to you all ♥ xox, Tashi