Yep. It wasn’t the best week. It all started when we went to see Dr. Ed. Three of us went, so I thought we were going to a party. Bisous stayed home (turns out he was the smart one).

When we got there I was ready for the fun and games.

Dahlia knew better. She went straight for the deepest corner of the room. Meimei didn’t even get out of her chariot. Ed came in, the humans talked, and off I went to the back room….

I came home with fewer bumps and a lot of stitches. Caryn assured me it could’ve been worse. I think she meant if it had been her (who got the stitches instead of me) because I didn’t find cause to agree. Still, she coddled and comforted me.

The first few days were pretty boring. We watched TV (“Flee” got our highest recommendation for the Oscars).  

We napped

Dahlia and I conversed deep into the day, strengthening our canine-feline bond

Caryn started taking me places so I wouldn’t get too bored (I’m not supposed to go tearing around the place like a maniac until the stitches come out next week). That’s when things got interesting. In fact, you won’t believe this! We went to T-Mobile and…I met the coolest peeps and….they made me an official member of their team!!!

OK, maybe it didn’t start out to be the best week, but having met Joel (pronounced Jo-ël, just like my name is pronounced Tashi, not Tasha, thank you very much), I have to say it turned out to be a pretty good week after all

….and just maybe Caryn will go for the family plan now and I can get my own phone….