Yo! Hey there…pssst…..remember me? The one they’ve been calling all kinds of names? I had to borrow Tashi’s blog again so I could set the record straight. I’m here to tell you, they got it all wrong. My name is Studs…Studs Conway. I’m from Conway, see, and I’ve got a story. Every name’s got a story, ya see? I bet yours has one too.

See, I was born in a feed store

..in Conway. In a wall. That’s right. My mama decided to set up home in a wall. Plenty of food in a feed store, plenty of places to hide. Altogether a good place to hole up while she waited for us to arrive….

Believe it or not, it was pretty cozy there, in that wall, all snuggled up with my mama and brother and sister. We had a spot in between the…yep, you got it – in between the studs. That’s why they call me Studs. Like I was saying, it was snug as a bug in there til my mom took off. She was a wild thing and couldn’t stay put for too long.

Eventually The Man found us…and sent us off to those gals who collect stray cats. I admit, tough as I am, I was glad to get a square meal and some lovin’ from those girls. After a spell they sent me on to Caryn and that dog Tashi’s house, where they keep confusing my name.

I’m not gonna lie – it’s cozier here than living in a wall. There’s been a couple of  misunderstandings, you might say. The queen cat was a little hot under the collar when I first arrived

She thought she owned the place, but when I checked on Ancestry.com, guess what? Turns out we’re cousins, born in the very same storage room, eight years apart. Now that she knows I’m kin, she’s decided it’s OK to eat beside me. Still a tentative arrangement, but cousins are cousins you know…

There’s a pile of other kittens here too, but they didn’t grow up in a wall….they’re softies.

OK, that’s all I got for you. Remember, it’s Studs…Studs Conway. But since you’re my friend now, you can call me by my nickname, Bisous. That’s kiss. In French. But that’s another story….