Now that I’ve got my walking papers, Caryn is taking me all around town, so we can walk, walk, and walk. Once I get my muscles toned up we can hit the hills and hiking trails again. I’m excited! One day we did this:

I didn’t do a second walk that day, but I sure slept well

Aromatically speaking, my favorite place is the marina, where the smell of fishing nets and wild roses is so strong that I come home intoxicated and all dreamy.

Today I checked my fit bit (Ok, it’s just Caryn’s phone, but I wanted to say “fit bit” because it sounds so funny) and here’s what it said:

Just walking, no running. Sigh. I’m still attached to Caryn for another month. But 3 miles is more than I’ve done in a day in months, and I’m feeling good. No limping or anything. Oh, and guess what? Dr Alex wrote me back!!! Here’s his letter to me:

Dear Caryn and Tashi,

Thanks SO much for the lovely letter! I’m so happy to have been able to help, and so glad to hear you’re feeling better, but equally sad that we won’t be able to see each other, as we were just getting to know each other. But when you’re in my business, you really don’t want to have to get to know me very well, for obvious reasons.

The bees are the COOLEST thing! Your yard must be a really special place if they love it so much that multiple swarms want to set up shop. So glad these bees have a place like yours, and friends like you, to thrive in, as we need to replenish and repopulate them as much as possible. Thanks for being such good stewards for them! I’ll be calling you for honey!!!!

Take Care! Please stay safe! And thanks again for the kind words!


I guess Dr. Alex has a point about getting to know him too well…But can you imagine? He’s the best surgeon I’ve ever had! (Ok, I’ve only had one, but still..) He made my leg better AND he writes letters to dogs! You gotta love a guy like that. He’ll get my first jar of honey for sure. That is, if my bees will stay home for a change and get buzzy making some.

My online PT got high grades this week too

Caryn and I read over the new exercises

When I saw “controlled fetch” on the list, that perked me right up! No sleeping during that video conference, I was all ears this time

Caryn and I discussed the possibilities and I saw life and playtime opening up again before my eyes.

I’ve probably exhausted you with all my excitement and activity for the week, so I’ll close here. Take care, and like Dr Alex said, please stay safe! Tashi