First of all, I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but Happy Valentine’s Day

If I hadn’t called my last post “What a Difference a Day Makes,” I would surely use that title for this one. But this story is way different. One day, everything was fine. I mean really, hunky-dory, as they say. There was snow, I was playing in it, having a grand old time.

After a couple of days the snow started melting. Slush, slush, we sloshed through the snow. Still fun, no problem, I’m an easy kind of guy.

The trouble started back home, in the studio, when Caryn suggested we go up to the house, and I really didn’t want to go anywhere.

I knew something was wrong. Caryn knew something was wrong. So she packed me off to the vet, where they ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over me (because I’m such a big and handsome and sweet boy, and I’m so well behaved). They have the best treats, and they give me way more than Caryn does. But they also poked and prodded me, and lined my back and legs up so they could take pictures before sending me home.

Now word has it that I’m to be on “strict rest”. For a month. What does that mean, I asked? It means we can walk halfway to the end of the block and back home again. That’s it. Every day. For a month. A MONTH. What?!!

So that’s what we did today. I barely had time to pee on the neighbor’s bush when we had to turn around again.

Geez, that guy doesn’t look too good either.

Must be the weather. Hey buddy, I’m not feeling so hot myself.

The sun was shining today, so I tried to make the best of it.

And Trudy sent me a get well card. Thank you, Princess Tru

I’m still allowed to chew on balls, so that’s something

But I think I’m getting stiffed on the food. Something about keeping my waist trim.

Wake me up in a month, will ya?

Cards, flowers, and biscuits will all be happily accepted.

Love, Tashi