It’s been one of those springs (and I’ve seen a few, let me tell you) where the rain and sun are all mixed up. We try to dash out between the rain drops to see the world

where we encounter the usual suspects, like trillium

and giraffe trees

We are seeing lots of babies, which is also a sign of spring

Look at the big silly goose mouths! They were sticking out there tongues, and talking to me, in case I got too close. They don’t seem to know that I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Still, I stayed a respectful distance, so I was able to spy some cuteness

We also discovered a little architectural wonder in the forest. I wonder if anyone lives there….

We’ve been watching baby owls

And some big ones too, like this barred owl

and this well camoflauged Great Horned owl

It’s a regular riot of nature out there! We even have some hummingbird camaraderie this spring.

The cats seem to want to go out

but in the end they stay home doing strange things, like investigating bananas. I can’t say I understand cats yet.

Speaking of strange, as I was heading to the studio last week, I spied a whole new edifice on the path

on investigation

what should I find within that strange giant pumpkin…

my goodness!! A little sprite!!

As you can see, it’s been a spring full of surprises. None better than a party at hospice a couple of days ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a table like that!!

Back home, a painting party was in session

which had to be carefully navigated, so as not to sully my coat when it was naptime

One last thing – if it ever stops raining long enough to see it – it’s the week of the strawberry moon! What could that mean?! Maybe the moon will be so bright that the color of the strawberries in our garden will be reflected in its face? You can read all about it here, where you’ll find out the real reason it’s called a strawberry moon!

Ta-ta for now! xox, Tashi