It’s been a great couple of weeks. I’ve seen things and gone places I never have before. I always thought trees were big and grand (and I want you to know that I never pee on them) but let me tell you we went to see some trees that were bigger and grander than any I could have imagined.

Caryn has been concerned about the heat so she’s been making sure I get plenty of swim time in on our walks. She’s been investigating some great new swimming holes with me. We live in a beautiful place and I’m a very lucky dog…

I’ve met some new friends on some of our jaunts

We even took a picnic to the lake one day.

I was permitted to partake…crispy rye crackers and cheese, with peaches for dessert, yum yum!

one day Trudy came with me

That girl can swim!  We swam together. She giggled a lot.

Do you think I look handsome in my after-swimming attire?

OH!!! And guess who’s birthday it is this week??

Happy Birthday Trudy, my favorite five year old ♥♥♥♥♥

take care everyone, stay healthy and wise, Tashi