Just in case you don’t live here, this is the kind of town we live in:

So whatever you do, don’t mess with the elves, because they are well defended.

We also have the best strawberries in the world:

The physical therapy spa is great; so much love and kindness

Multiple therapists do the final, after-swim rub down, with soft fluffy white towels

and they take the time to admire me afterwards. I even get to see more smiles these days!

I’m getting stronger all the time. We hiked the BIG hill to our favorite hiking area this morning

I finally got to see my beloved trees again. It’s been so many months, I was very grateful. I know I will sleep well tonight, after climbing that hill.

When I got home Dahlia was watching over the paints

And Trudy was watching over Dahlia

Life is feeling a lot better these days

I hope you are all doing well too, and staying safe. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warmth and berries and birdsong, especially the Swainson’s Thrush, my favorite!