Well hello! It’s been a week, as they say. I’m a bit on the alert, because of the little creatures that have joined our lives

They look pretty innocent sitting there, but let me tell you, they are kind of spooky. When they get going, it’s a little like lying on a pool table with all the balls flying – you just don’t know where they’re coming from next! Nevertheless, Dahlia has decided it is time to be in touch, so I guess it’s my turn next.

I’m not sure how I feel about that

Anyway, it’s good to get out in the fresh air. I think it is now what is called the dog days of summer. I’m not sure what that means exactly – something about hot days and lazing about and a dog named Sirius. I can laze about alright when called to the task

But it is also a time of activity for me because – YAY! – I am back on the trails again, with beautiful trees and hills and wonderful aromas.

Caryn even let me go swimming. Not the pool treadmill kind of sissy stuff I’ve been doing – the real thing!

that’s me out there in the water. Enjoying a bit of stick retrieval, getting my legs strong again. There’s nothing more refreshing after a hike in the woods

Back on the ranch, I’m not the only one who’s not lollygaggling around. I think I’ve figured out why those bees left their nest. I peeked at the construction site in the second hive. Check this out:

Here’s the first hive:

completely different architectural aesthetic, don’t you think? Clearly they just had to build their own house. They’re just as busy as the first family of bees though. Look at this little forager working! Her leg pockets are just full of pollen:

I think they are pretty happy here because there are so many flowers.

I’m pretty happy here too, and promise to try to accept the newcomers, even if they do give me the heebiejeebies.

take care! enjoy the dog days! be careful!! xox, Tashi