Do you like cats? I think I do. There’s Dahlia of course, my buddy. We get along fine.

There are often little ones, as you know, that scare me at first

They never stay very long, or so I thought. One seems to have moved in permanently

he’s bigger than most of the others, and a little kooky

then again, they’re all a little kooky. And they have strange habits, like hanging out in the sink. I could never do that – hang out in a sink, that is

this guy puts his paws in the water bowl when he drinks. Not the best of manners, in my opinion.

also not the best of manners when he puts his head in my food bowl

he steals my stuffies

and presumes I want to sleep with him

He scared me half to death the other night when I thought his brother had come to live with us too

Still, he’s not all bad. He keeps me entertained

Perhaps I’ll grow used to him. Because I think he’s here to stay.

Have a good week, and be safe, love, Tashi ♥♥♥