Early each week I start thinking about what to write for the blog. But there was a conundrum this week – Everything I thought about writing was unseen or had no picture! That’s a problem for a blog where pictures are important.

I thought really hard, and tossed and turned during my rest periods. You can see the worried look on my face.

I got a little tied up in knots

I even consulted Doppel Ganger

He had nothing to say.

How do I talk about how close we got to the pileated woodpecker today….when he flew off before Caryn got a picture?

And what about the coyote that disappeared? We’ve looked every day and he’s gone! So are the geese, and the swans!  Was it all a dream?

Caryn said no, just go look at last week’s blog, all the suspects are there!  Caryn says I just need to pay attention to what’s right in front of me, that way I won’t get so worried.

Well here’s one thing you can see:

Proof of the rainy week we’ve had. Which means our walks usually end up like this

To help me feel better, we watched a program that was absolutely the cat’s whiskers, or her meow, or maybe it was the cat’s pyjamas…Why are there so many sayings like that about cats, and none for dogs?  I think we’ll have to make one up. The dog’s….eyelashes? His deep, dark, soulful brown eyes? His adorable paws, with the heart-shaped pads??

Oops, I’m getting off track, aren’t I…back to that program. It’s a miniseries on Netflix called— you guessed it —“Dogs”. This is not just any schlocky program on dogs. The stories are amazing, about the way we bond with humans. There’s one about a dog being smuggled out of Syria, so he can live with his human, a refugee in Berlin. And one about a free-range refuge for abandoned dogs in Costa Rica. There’s more, go see for yourself – it will warm your heart during this chilly time.

That perked me right up, along with

the promise of

Peanut butter biscuits!!!

Dahlia likes them too, but I think she likes playing with water more. Silly girl.

Well, toodly-doo for now. Please be careful, and stay healthy out there. Home is a good place to hang right now.