People talk about “having” things. And they do – whole houses of things!! Dogs don’t have so much stuff, though it’s nice to have a few, very favorite things. Like stuffed animals

a good place to take a nap

and adventures….it’s good to have adventures

It’s also good to have a job

the best jobs are the ones where you can help people feel good. I do that for people who are sick. And I’m pretty sure I make people who feel well happy too

The feeling is mutual. The most important thing for a dog is his people. People have pets, but dogs have people.

I happen to have my very own little girl. Her name is….

Trudy. Trudy Trudy Trudy! She lives in a house in our back yard. So whenever I go out there, I take a frisbee

There’s a pretty good chance she will stop what she’s doing and come play with me.

Trudy has other animal friends too

but I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite (that might be because I run to her instead of away from her)

Trudy is true blue. She is giggly and happy, kind and gentle.When we get to go into people’s houses again, I’m going to invite her over to mine. Maybe we can have a sleepover party to celebrate…lots of them, with biscuits and ice cream!

Until then, we will be together in the back yard, our little play space.

Toodly doo, be careful, and stay well. And be happy for all the good things you have ♥♥♥