Autumn continues to offer some some beautiful sunny days, in between the rain and wind. It’s been a week of many things, but since everything is connected, I’ll pile it all in here, package deal, OK?…

My friends Trudy and Emma came for a porch visit, looking a bit dolled up as if for a special occasion. I got out the frisbee (because Trudy is a very good playmate) but they had other things in mind, so we took a photo instead. Trudy was calling herself Little Bo Peep, who has a sheep, and I think I fit the bill, when it comes to looks. But they went off without me, toodlydoo, to Grandmama’s house, so I went back home.


We watched a lot of tv this week. Which is fun when we watch cool nature programs like My Octopus Teacher.


But no, what we watched was not very interesting in the dog and cat world….


Caryn saved the day from four-legged boredom by doing this:

Maybe because of all that baking and tv watching, as the week has gone on there’s been a puppable sense of relief around here…huh? Oh. Caryn said that’s palpable, not puppable. OK…a palpable sense of relief (though I like puppable better).

On another topic, I’m still not entirely pleased with Dahlia’s takeover of a certain chair. At first I thought she wanted to cozy up, but…

…those teeth!! So I thought it might be better to share…if she wants to join me on the rug, she’s welcome.

I got to visit my pals Erin and Aimee at Hospice House. At first I thought, Oh My Goodness, We Are Going To Go Into The House!!!

But no, we stayed outside. Aimee said, “You can come visit patients and the rest of the staff when we reach Phase IV”. Which I think means, “it’s going to be a while”. Oh well. Something to look forward to, right?


The woodsy hikes continue, with new discoveries, like this curious tree arrangement:

Not a pileated woodpecker hole, because as you now know, it would be square. Maybe it’s someone’s house with eaves? And then this…..wood turtle?

and a new game, called Catch the Flying Leaves. You might be able to open this link to our video of the game, which I like very much:


if you can’t, here’s some photos:

Big stick, or potential didgeridoo material?


In the end, always, it’s home again to a good nap (and the occasional stick to chew on)

How are you filling your days? Stay well and happy, xox, Tashi