This was yesterday:

So cold, so blustery, Caryn only wanted to go for a short walk. But first we stopped at Hospice House to deliver cookies, and even though we can’t go inside yet, there are special treats waiting for me there – tennis balls everywhere outside! I found seven, but could only fit one in my mouth. Our short walk turned more fun than expected.

And this was today:

How fast things change! One day everything is green, the next it’s white and sparkling. It snowed all night, and it snowed all day. Such beauty and bliss!

Running around in it can cause some problems

That, in case you don’t recognize it, is my lovely foot

I get snowball hair! But I endure, and it pays off in snowball fights

and making new friends

this is Obie, with his peeps Erin and John

Obie is a doggone cute Jack Russel Terrier, and he’s good for a spin in the snow. His peeps are cute too!

Back home, we resumed the hummingbird feeder rotation

And a good day was had by all. Sigh.