Not a heck of a lot going on this week – in fact, for most of the week, Caryn and Richard wouldn’t even take me for a walk! Too lazy? Maybe not; they like going hiking with me. But this week the air has a strong smoky smell to it, masking a lot of the other things I can usually smell. I think they don’t want to go out because of that. So I’ll wait inside until we can walk again. It’s all about patience, and dogs have plenty of that. Otherwise, how would we ever make it through those long hours when our people aren’t throwing us a ball?

Dahlia, my cat, doesn’t seem to care whether she goes out or not. There are toys to bat about, and lots of places to sleep. I have to do a little research and find out if cats sleep as much as koala bears do. Koala bears are famous for how much they sleep – 16 hours a day or something like that. I’m thinking maybe Dahlia sleeps that much. Maybe more. Me, I’d rather play ball.

Or go swimming. Or both….

Toodlydoo…what to write about when your homebound? (This week brought new meaning to that!) I guess you write about home. Or walkabouts in the neighborhood….

When we last went for a walk in my neighborhood, we documented some of the local wildlife. This one made me a little nervous:


This one too:

but on closer inspection it seems there is nothing to be nervous about:

She’s even got a mask on!

By now, I was fine with the local wildlife display, so when we saw this

I was rather bold

No problem….things got more interesting when we continued on our way, and went past Justine’s house. She’s got a couple of lovey dovey pugs…and….

a komodo dragon!

Never seen one of those before! They drink through their skin, so Justine was giving him a little drink here. Most animals drink from a bowl. Komodo dragons drink in a bowl!

We ended up at Toko’s house

thank goodness, game time!

Toko’s family is great too. Seiko is an amazing artist, and Ami is an amazing baker. She once brought a delicious dessert to our house for dinner. I didn’t get to taste it of course, but the aroma made me very happy. Papa Jeff is amazing too, he knows everything about movies and libraries. He didn’t make it into the picture though. Maybe next time.

Now we are back home. Boring. But safe and cozy. And that’s what really matters ♥♥♥