Everybody’s becoming chummy chummy around here. But it’s work. Dahlia’s trying to get used to Trudy’s enthusiastic hugs. She knows it’s because Trudy loves her, but she’s not used to such excitement

Dahlia’s letting the kittens get closer too. She’s very brave. But she also understands kitten. I understand Dahlia, but these kittens, I’m not so sure about.

sure, they’re cute enough when they’re asleep

But when they’re awake, they are downright startling. I know, I’m big, and they’re little, but size isn’t the point.

Still, I’m feeling just a weensy bit left out, so I decided to buck up and develop more tolerance for the kittens. I’m doing this by watching them very closely, trying not to lose my cool around them

it makes me nervous but I’m working on it. Long, deep breaths….right? (but why do they scamper around like that?!!)

a little better, working on staying put, observing without comment….so long as they focus on each other

But please don’t look at me like that!

later that night, Richard got a little nervous when he saw me lying there with….

Not to worry, the kittens are fine. Caryn and I are fashioning a new line of dog stuffies, for dogs who are sculptors at heart. I “rework” the shapes, Caryn sews them up.

Voila, the cyclops lamb

The earless bunny:

You get the picture. We’re a team. Chalk it up to the creative spirit (and Caryn’s not too keen on letting me mess around with her oil paints, so stuffie sculpture is where it’s at). She spent good money on my stuffies, so what’s the big deal about a bunny without ears anyway? I love them all just the same.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. That and my wishes for you to stay safe and healthy and enjoy this beautiful summer sun. xox, Tashi