You’ve got to be kidding! Angel? That’s his name? heeheehee….

hahahoho..whoweeee……..oh my….what a hoot! That’s the cat who was eating out of my bowl, edging in on my bed, sticking his paws in the water when he drinks, and walking tightrope on the edge of the bath when Caryn was in it!

and then he…huh?!


what the..?



My name is Sir Edward Bizulove Djinnacious Kurfufflewings, aka “Julian Angel-wings”. There are other names – my lineage is long – but they are secret and only felines are privy to them. Never mind though,

Have you ever heard of a cat with a blog? Well that’s me, and this is it! I thought it was pretty generous of Tashi to just give it to me like that. He probably knows what a good writer I am and how much I have to say….

Oh! Hi Mom, just testing out the keys for Tashi, to make sure he gets his blog written this week.

Phew….I guess I better watch my step….or I might get replaced…

Gee, now where was I?? I tell you, it’s hard getting some peace and quiet these days….gotta get this post out…

??!!…Richard’s in the office hollering….

Julie? Julian? Jules?…..